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Homecoming candidates

Homecoming week is September 20 to Oct. 3 with the game against Tracy-Milroy-Balaton on Friday culminating the event. Coronation is on Monday, Sept. 29. The candidates are: (Front row, left to right) Nicholas Esping, Cole Hennen Daniel Harrison, Brock Buysse, Jack Buysse; Second row: Seniors Taylor Johnson, Abigail Vlaminck, Krista Maeyaert, Payton Boerboom and Sara DeSmet. Back row: (Attendants) Hunter Gillund, Natalie Abraham 11th grade;  Jameson Hettling, Kayla Drietz 10th; Ethan Krier, Emily Buysse 9th Grade.

Respectful Ceremony

The Minneota American Legion members saluted as the flags were burned Monday night in Minneota. Long-time member Louie Buysse (in red jacket) had never seen a flag burning ceremony but attended this one. Staff Photos by Byron Higgin.  read entire story. . . .

Solemn ceremony

The American Legion in Minneota Monday burned 156 flags — all worn, used up and out of commission.
It’s a solemn ceremony, done with dignity and honor to retire the old flag from public view.  read entire story. . . .

County Board helps Minneota Library

Minneota’s new library got a boost from the Lyon County Board Tuesday when they agreed to pay $12,390 for a library circulation desk, meeting room cabinets and countertops.
Wendy Sarazyn of the Friends of the Library  was on hand to make the request. “We’re getting ready to make the big move by the end of the year,” she told the county board about opening the new library in the historical Big Store building.  read entire story. . . .

John Voiit named Prairie Arts Council winner

(Information from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council’s, “Voices for Art,” newsletter. John Voit received the Prairie Disciple Award at the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council annual meeting Saturday evening at the Marshall Golf Club.)  read entire story. . . .

City to divert storm sewer

The new off-sale liquor store, which will be built on the site of the former Konold Gas Station, has a storm sewer running directly under the lot. “The building will cover part of the storm sewer so we’re going to have to deal with that,” said City Administrator Shirley Teigland.  read entire story. . . .

Paying respect to a friend

What makes a man travel over 1,600 miles to talk about a friend?
“Admiration and respect,” said Chuck Josephson, a Minneota native now living in Arizona, referring to his late friend and author Bill Holm.
Josephson was on hand Saturday afternoon for a special Boxelder Bug Days presentation entitled “What Happens in Minneota”, a reference to the Las Vegas theme.
“With Bill becoming so popular, it was hard for the phrase to stay true,” Josephson said. “Bill was known far and wide, even in other countries.”  read entire story. . . .

Scores go  way UP

“We’ve got some good news to report,” said Minneota Principal Jeremy Frie.
Indeed. The latest test scores are in and Minneota had made significant strides in every area.
“We had the biggest growth of any district in the region and this is how we are judged by the state,” said Superintendent Dan Deitte.
“One of our goals is to be one of the best academic schools in the region. With this we just took a first step,” said the superintendent.
“We made big gains in the high school, where we were at the bottom,” said Principal Frie. “It’s very impressive. But we want to be No. 1 across the board,” he added.
The scores came in the areas of Math, Reading and Science. “We are No. 2 (in the region) for science scores. It’s our goal to be No. 1,” said Principal Frie. Minneota rose from near the bottom to second next to Russell-Tyler-Ruthton.  read entire story. . . .

Predicted burglaries  averted; new string

Before the weekend began, The Minneota Police Department received “credible information” that, “A group of juveniles have planned to burglarize a local business during Bug Days weekend,” said Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt. “This threat is being taken seriously and is under investigation,” he said.
 Then, sure enough, a string of burglaries occurred along Highway 68 during the weekend, causing losses to several area business. However, Chief Bolt said the two were not related and the weekend burglaries was by a separate group.
Originally Chief Bolt said,  “The juveniles who were identified have already been talked to along with their parents in hope of deterring them from committing a burglary.”
But burglaries still happened at KB’s Bar and Grill in Ghent, Dalager’s Service Station and Grocery and CJ’s Bar and Grill in Minneota as well as the West End Bar in Taunton.  
 Chief Bold put out the warning so business owners and home owners could protect themselves. “As an added precaution I ask that you make sure to lock your business and remove all monies from the building when you leave for the day,” he said in his warning note.
 The Yellow Medicine County Sheriff’s Office said Monday a fifth burglary was reported in Porter but more information was forthcoming. By Monday there were signs of the burglaries, including broken door locks on businesses. Apparently CJ’s in Minneota found the burglars broke in the front door and went out the back door. The West End Bar in Taunton reported damage and doors ajar. At the West End Bar, there was a damaged safe and the jukebox was damaged. KB’s Bar reported money stolen and damage to the ATM and jukebox.
 It appears burglars focused on cash but store owners were still making assessments of their merchandise. However, owner Dan Morisette of CJ’s noted there wasn’t much vandalism. Chief Bolt said there were extra police officers working Bug Days in Minneota last weekend. One of them will be assigned to checking doors.
“The string of burglaries that occurred in Minneota and the surrounding area are the work of a different group of people. I am working with and sharing information with multiple agencies who have had similar burglaries in their jurisdictions,” said Chief Bolt.

Boxelder Bug Days Parade

Double riders Mira and Elise Kobylinski were clad in purple. Along with their mother Rhonda these Silver Spur riders were like little royalty.

Alaire Buysse crowed Bug Days Queen

Alaire Buysse had a big smile on her face as outgoing Queen Abby Valaminck placed the crown on her head. Candidate Allie Bottelberghe (right) had a big smile as well.
Named First Princess was Brooke Sorenson with Rachel Knutson the second princess.  read entire story. . . .

Popular ride

Helicopter rides were a popular
part of Boxelder Bug Days last weekend.

The Bug appears

While this season hasn’t produced Boxelder Bugs like it did last year, a few unusual ones came out last weekend at Boxelder Bug Days in Minneota. It was portrayed on the head of Darwin Dyce.