Marcia Klaith and daughter walked hand-in-hand during the Survivors Walk at Relay for Life in Marshall Friday night.

Relay for Life continues fight against Cancer

"I've learned there are many, many marvelous people who have also suffered from this dreadful disease — and they will be your staunchest supporters, even though you may never have met."

Ruth Bot of Minneota made that statement during the 2017 Relay for Life at the Red Baron Arena and Expo Center in Marshall Friday night.

"The only power cancer has is the power we give it. Don't let cancer define us," said one member of Leann Klein, who spoke about her incredible fight against the disease.

Bot added, "I hope by my being a part of this amazing event, I can give someone the courage and strength to say, 'Good riddance, cancer, I WILL beat you and survive."

Cancer survivors did a lap around the arena and many stayed for events up until midnight.

The relay operated undr the slogan, "We are courageous, we are the passtionate, we are the determined, we are hope!"

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