Logan Sussner (left) negotiated past Dawson-Boyd's Bentley Boike, who scored 18 points for the Blackjacks but also injured his arm.

Sussner collects 1,000 in BIG win over Dawson-Boyd

Logan Sussner may have been the only person on the team or in his family who didn’t know he was 34 points away from reaching the coveted 1,000-point scoring plateau Friday night.
“I knew I was close,” he admitted.
Even his parents, who knew, didn't expect the big event to happen against Dawson-Boyd.
Afterall, 34 points was the making of a “monster” night by any player — and highly unlikely to happen.
Then something unexpected began to happen.
His teammates, “Began to look for him and feed him the ball,” said Coach Dave Busselman.
With the game safely tucked away with a 20-point lead, the Vikings found Sussner, time-and-time again. He shoveled in basket-after-basket, 16 of them in total.
Then, with time running out, he made a final memorable trip up the lane and plopped the ball in the basket.
There it was … his 34th points on the night. And — the coveted 1,000-point barrier.
The gymnasium filled with fans exploded like a shot out of a cannon, the game was stopped and Logan Sussner was handed the ball.
What he had begun to suspect, came true. He was Minneota’s latest 1,000-point scorer.
Moments later Minneota waltzed the ball up the court for the final seconds in a 75-55 win over Dawson-Boyd that became not only Logan Sussner’s “moment,” but a watershed victory over the Blackjacks.

Logan Sussner likes to put little, or no attention on himself. "I don't care much about my statistics. It doesn't matter, as long as we do good as a team," he said.

"Do good" may be an understatement. The win rolled their record to 13-0 and kept them on top of the Class A ratings. "We try not to think about that. What we have to do is go out and prove we deserve to be where we're at," he said.

When it comes to boys’ basketball, the arch-rival school from nearby Dawson has always seemed to dominate the Vikings.
But not this time.
“He’s the man of the night,” Coach Busselman said about Sussner, who not only scored 34 points but grabbed 16 rebounds that has some fans thinking he had more like 20.
The 6-3 junior said it was, “A good feeling."
It didn’t hurt much, either, knowing it all came against Dawson-Boyd. “They’re a good athletic team,” said Sussner.

To get the job done, Sussner had to battle an old nemisis, Bentley Boike of Dawson-Boyd. The two went head-to-head the first half and Boike scored 18 points. But in the second half Sussner was winning the battle and Boike eventually hurt his right shoulder and played little after that.

"He's really good. He killed us in the first have but I think we did much better (against him) in the second half," said Sussner.

"It has to be a career night for him to go over 1,000 — and it was," said Coach Busselman. "The boys knew about it and were trying to get the ball to him," the coach said.

"I told them just to run the regular routine and he'd get open — and he did," added the coach.

While this was definately Sussner's game, he did NOT do it by himself.

Thomas Hennen got the Vikings rolling when they need it most with four three-pointers in the first half. He ended with five-of-10 from three point-range and 18 points. Hennen and Alex Saltzer each had six rebounds. Some of his "long bombs" came at a time when Dawson-Boyd was trying desperately to hang in the game. His final three-point attempt of the first half came just across mid-court and was shot with his left hand — and it barely missed.

Also throwing a dagger into the Blackjacks coffin was point guard Jared Josephson. As Dawson-Boyd scrampled to cover Thomas Hennen and Jacob Hennen, they not only left Sussner unguarded but also Josephson. The 6-1 senior seized the opportunity and canned a pair of three-pointers, back-to-back. By this time it was 33-23 and the Blackjacks never caught up.

The 41-29 Viking lead at halftime became 17 points five times, then became a 23-point margin 71-48. By this time Boike was not playing muach and only Zach Durfee was able to ripple the basket often with 17 points.

"Thomas was playing at a different level. He let the game come to him. All I did was let him play," said Coach Busselman.

He smiled and nodded toward his players. "They make everyone look smart," he chuckled.

MINNEOTA (2'S, 3'S, FT, F,TP) Nolan Boerboom 1 1 0-1 0 5; Jacob Hennen 3 0 2-2 2 8; Thomas Hennen 1 5 1-5 1 18; Jared Josephson 0 1 0-0 3 6; Mitchell Rost 0 0  0-2 0 0; Alex Saltzer 1 0 2-3 2 4; Logan Sussner 16 0 2-5 3 34. Totals 22 8 7-18 15 75.

DAWSON-BOYD (2'S, 3,S, FT, F,, TP) Josh Anyasike 0 0 0-0 5 0; Bentley Boike 7 0 4-6 4 18; Zach Durfee 6 1 2-3 1 17; Romell Horton 3 1 0-0 4 9; Colton Husby 1 0 1-4 2 5; Jake Lee 0 2 0-1 0 6; Gavin Olson 0 0 0-0 1 0; Kollen Lindlad 0 0 0-0 1 0. Totals 18 4 7-14 20 55.

Score by Halves

Dawson-Boyd      29     26  —  55

Minneota             41     34  —  75


SHOOTING: (Minneota 2's 22 of 37 for 60 percent; 3's 8 of 22 for 36 percent; overall 30 of 59 for 51 percent); DB (2's 18 of 37 for 49 percent; 3's 4 of 18 for 22 percent; overall 22 of 55 for 40 percent).

FREE THROWS: Minneota 7 of 18 for 39 percent; DB 7 of 14 for 50 percent.

REBOUNDING: MInneota 39 (Sussner 16, T. Hennen, 7 Saltzer 6, Boerboom 3, J. Hennen 3, Josephson 2, Buysse, Rost 1 each); DB 26 (Boike 7, Durfee, Husby 5 each, Lee 3, Horton, Schuelke, 2 each, Anyasike 1).

TURNOVERS: Minneota 9; Dawson-Boyd 17.

STEALS: Minneota11 (T. Hennen 5; J.Hennen 2, Boerboom, Josephson, Saltzer, Sussner 1 each); DB 4 (Olson 2, Boike 2).

ASSISTS: Minneota 10 (Josephson 4, T.Hennen 2, Buysse, J. Hennen, Rost, Sussner 1 each); DB 6.

BLOCKS: Minneota 4 (T. Hennen 3, Sussner 1); DB 1 (Durfee).

B SQUAD: Dawson-Boyd 42, Minneota 40.

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